Best American-Style Road Trip Cars


Road trips are always comfortable and enjoyable when accompanied by the best American-made cars. You need to look for the best model that can handle your whole trip before you decide to rent a vehicle. These models are always available and can be found with the nearest car dealers in the USA and also can be rented for whatever season or period you like. There are some of the best American made cars which can be helpful in-car road trips.

1. Subaru Crosstrek 2018

The best car for road trip needed to have the capable, reliable, practical, and fun and these features are mostly satisfied by the automakers. The Subaru Crosstrek is one with exceptional features that makes it be the best in the rugged and well-rounded construction character. It has more speed to offer to its users as well. The model of Subaru is the best choice, especially for the few people like the couples and family having a rating of fuel economy at 33 mpg highway and 27 mpg city. It offers severe miles on the roads and has a standard wheel drive with the ground clearance inches of 8.7. Its compact crossover can go anywhere like the way you will want it to go.

2. 2019 HR-V Honda

The Honda model is another one for car trips since it has the best value needed. The tiny crossover of Honda model has a ride height of 6.7 inches together with the ingenious magic seat with the interior layout. The layout enables the passengers in configuring the cabin using several different models. The models are; the split, tall, healthy, lounge, and utility which makes the car to ferry whatever it can take in your trip easily, it can finally transport your luggage, tall plants, surfboards, and also the bikes.

3. 2016 Aston Martin Rapide

It is among the sedans which are most pleasing aesthetically for your road trip. The model has the core values, which are the luxury lifestyle it offers, speeding value, and very essential and effective one is its style. It can be used to cruise the left lane down due to its stunner of power worth V-12. The vehicle churns out the horsepower of 552 with a cylindrical fuel tank of 5.9 liters then it shuttles the horse-power towards its rear wheel with the automatic speed of eight. It can also hit the rate of 60 mph in only 4.2 seconds, and its maximum ever reached speed is 203 mph that can quickly get you to whatever the place you are going for your trip. You can, however, opt to drive slowly with it so you can finally enjoy it to the better.

4. 2019 Ford Mustang GT California Special

If you need to experience a better road trip using the best made American car, you should try out the Mustang GT Ford model, which is the ever best legend. It has the sixth model of the latest generation, which is much revised. Its interior pony style is the best and has the suspension set up which is so independent and the rear and front which enables the horse to corner appropriately with them. Its recent version has many features updated with a digital instrument which allows you to observe the metrics during your road trips.

Always enjoy having the best American car models for your trip. Ensure you rent a vehicle which will keep you the best company you deserve and the best memories to remain with you.