What to look for in your rental car before a trip

We rounded some opinions regarding the do’s and don’ts of hiring a car before making a big trip.

It’s perfectly normal to reach that age when, you are a young adult, and want to travel with your friends. However, a low budget seems to always be the top priority and the thing to look for when looking for options. And this is probably how you and your friends reach the conclusion that renting a car is more budget friendly than any other transportation options. After all, it’s just one vehicle where you can put all the luggage and, if the seats are all occupied, dividing the costs afterwards shows that it was actually a good idea to hire a car.

Know what to look for:

When it comes to choose a place to rent a car options of different companies do not run short. The truth is, many renting car places belong to the same owner and, even though, they may provide a difference in the prices, the differences are not that many anymore. We know that you and your friends probably have in mind a car that is somewhat recent with the right software updates so you can listen to your music playlist in perfect conditions.

That is all fine, it’s not fair to make a long road trip without any pleasant background music. But this aspect should be one of the last to take in consideration. The first thing you want to check is the balance between safety and price. Think like this: you are probably going in a car with all the seats taken plus full with luggage from all your friends and, even though everyone has a driving license, not everyone will take the wheel because the truth is, not everyone is comfortable with driving. So, if you are going to drive a full car with people and bags, and probably feel tired from now and then, it’s best if you choose a safe car first. You don’t need to spend much more many because of this, you just have to choose wisely.

Things that you shouldn’t do when looking for a rental car:

Now that we explained what to look for in a rental car, these are some important things to not do when hiring a car:

– Prepaying for gasoline, it will be always cheaper to fuel the car yourself;
– Not pointing down a place to refuel on your way back when you are on your way;
– Purchasing insurance, the obvious reason is that the personal insurance that you already have, is covering you when you hire a car as well;
– Ignoring potential offers for upgrades;
– Making a very light inspection when you are picking your car, you should always look for any marks inside or out of the vehicle before taking the road as not to be charged with damages you did not make.
– Crossing international boarders; you should check if the insurance covers the rental car because many companies don’t.

Thus, hiring a car implies that you should be aware of many factors like insurance and safety precautions that won’t cost you as much as you thought.